Friday, January 9, 2015

The 24/7 Season Coming To An End Soon

Hello again everyone. I hope this finds you in good spirits after the holidays. This a blog entry that I always hate having to type this time of year. While Old Time Radio USA's 24/7 launch was successful as it is every season, it's also be a successful run thus far. But, as always, the season will be coming to an end and it's time for me to look ahead to the "off-season" programming. 

For the new listeners that just recently came aboard within the past month or two, I do have a blog entry that explains in detail why only a seasonal 24/7 old time radio show stream. That can be found here!

Now, this is where this blog entry comes into play. To announce a formal schedule of what you can expect to hear Starting 12am ET February 1st. At the time, Old Time Radio USA will end it's "24/7" stream of old time radio shows and switch back to it's "off-season" scheduling of mostly big band music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Last year I implemented the Classic Radio Hour, 60 minutes of radio shows every night. I'm going to put that on the shelf for a while and introduce something else instead. A radio series that most otr
aficionados would agree that is part of the "old time radio" generation. Some do not. So.... starting February 1st, I want you to put your hands in the air and give a BIG Old Time Radio USA round of applause and welcome aboard... 

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater!  

Yes, that's right, The CBS Radio Mystery Theater returns to Old Time Radio USA in the off-season. Now, while it was aired in the off-season starting the latter half of 2014, it was only aired on weekends. Starting February, it will be aired every night! That's right!! Sunday through Saturday, every night with 2 time slots to cover the Eastern/Central time zones and the other to cover the Mountain/Pacific time zones. It will be aired Sunday through Saturday 9pm ET and Midnight ET. As stated, both times are Eastern which will bring the midnight airing to 10pm MT and 9pm PT. Also, I will also repeat, from last year, special all day airings old time radio during certain days of the year. I will repeat the all day airing of D-Day in June, a 24 hour airing of The War of the Worlds on October 30th,  followed by my Halloween special the next day and then the return of 24/7 in November. I'm adding a 4th of July broadcast this year and possibly others this year. 

So to summarize. Old Time Radio USA returns to off-season programming starting 12am ET February 1st. The main programming will be classic big band music from the days of old time radio. Also, introducing The CBS Radio Mystery Theater nightly @ 9pm ET and repeating at 12am ET. Plus several all day broadcasts throughout the off-season. 

Here's to another successful year of old time radio. Thanks goes out  to you for your continued support and listenership. Thanks again everyone, and I'll see you on the net!


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