Friday, November 21, 2014

24/7 Is A GO!

Greetings from the early morning hours here at Old Time Radio USA. For those of you that have been listening to this station over the years, you have become accustomed to the tradition of having your favorite old time radio shows heard around the clock this time of year. Some of you even use wireless internet streaming hardware in your bedrooms to fall asleep listening to my station, and for that, I think is truly awesome and am forever grateful. But NOW.... I can officially announce that the formalities are just about out of the way and we're almost set to go here at DJ Control. November's month long stretch of work is finally about to pay off.

This coming Saturday will end the Classic Radio Hour for 2014. I will be taking that extra time and going over final preparations to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. I've decided to not return Sunday Spotlight to the lineup this time around as I felt it didn't add much to 24/7 experience like I hoped it would. That was one of those "trial and error" experiences. But there is something I am implementing this season, it's called "Vault Classics". Tune in to the Behind The Mike Show this Sunday evening (November 23rd @ 8pm ET) to learn more about that! Check out my web page at for a link to listen LIVE this Sunday! Hope you're able to listen!

So, in closing, I hope that you use Old Time Radio USA 24/7 during your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years festivities, and all times in between! To get you familiarized, here's what you can expect on opening day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 26th.... Thanksgiving eve.....

6am ET - Annual, traditional opener with Christmas music
6pm ET - 24/7 Intro begins with a live opening monologue from myself
6:05 ET - 24/7 kicks of w/36 hour Thanksgiving Celebration with
              The Lux Radio Theater's "A Miracle on 34th Street"


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