Saturday, August 30, 2014

Old Time Radio USA ATTACKED!

A good Saturday morning to everyone. Hope everyone is anticipating a nice, long 3 day weekend. I just wanted to give some kind of an update on the status of Old Time Radio USA. My station has been attacked by, what they call, a DDoS or a Distributed Denial of Service. In simple verbiage, its when a hacker sends tons of packets of information to your server making it slow or just downright inoperable. In the rarity of things, its happened 3 times over a 4 day period. Normally a website is just attacked once, but I've been hit 3 times now in a 4 day period. 

I have been moved to a different server, verifying all playlists are intact and functional before I start updating and providing my shortened URL links. So I am hoping that this will be the last of the attacks. But, I have no way of knowing at the present time whether this was a personal attack against Old Time Radio USA or whether it was just a series random attacks. Only time will tell. But at they say, the show must go on, and it will. I have a backup stream initiated @ for the time being with a limited hodgepodge playlist old time radio information just to keep the station on the air for our nightly Classic Radio Hour. 

Once I'm satisfied with everything set up the way I would like on the new server, playlists, schedules, etc... then I'll get this back up on Roku, Apple iTunes Radio, Updating the Roku channel will be quick and instant. iTunes Radio and will not. These 2, I will have to send emails out to their tech support with the new updated server information. These 2 are slow to react on a normal basis but with it now being a 3 day holiday weekend, will probably take that much longer. 

So that is where Old Time Radio USA stands at the moment. If you're a follower on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, I post regular updates there so keep monitor those social media outlets for the latest info and updated links to take you back to where you've listened before. 

Folks, we are less than 90 days away. 88 days from writing of this until the return of Old Time Radio USA's 24/7 stream!! More details to come on that, but first things first. 

Have a great weekend everyone and keep monitor Old Time Radio USA's Facebook page, Twitter feed and Google+ for the latest info this weekend!

Have a great holiday weekend!

Barry Slinker
Old Time Radio USA Station Owner

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